Solicitors & Conveyancing in Nelson

Set within the incredibly beautiful Pendle Borough, Clifford Smith & Buchanan act as an independent estate agent with high street offices that offers clients in-house conveyancing, legal and property services serving Nelson, Colne and Burnley.

With decades of professional solicitor and conveyancing expertise, we understand that the finer details and processes can appear daunting to clients which is why we offer exemplary services with clarity and open communication about the work we’re undertaking for you.

Conveyancing in Nelson

We always place ourselves within the shoes of our clients and know that it’s personal for you which is why it’s also personal for us and we listen to what it is you want and need and tailor our services to you.

Commonly Asked Conveyancing Questions

1) What does a conveyancer look for?

A range of legal and administrative work is carried out by your conveyancer such as; the planning and organisation of searches, the checking of house titles and addressing and answering all of your requirements for your property sale or purchase whilst working within discussed timescales.

At CSB we always ensure that all of our clients are aware of expected costs upfront.

2) What research should I carry out about any plans of development near to the property I’m buying?

When you’re researching for a property that you have interest in, it’s best to check with your local planning office for any building and development plans that have had planning permission approved.

3) Why do I need to provide proof of ID to my conveyancer?

As standard practice with our legal and conveyancing services to our clients and where big sums of money are handled, we are required by law to check and verify your identity and residence for your protection against money laundering or mortgage fraud.

When purchasing a property this is also why your conveyancer will ask how you are financing your purchase and any monies that are being used to fund it.

4) What does it mean to have a ‘local search’?

Relating only to the property itself, these searches are guided by standard enquiries. They can take a range in time to be completed although on average they are around 10 days.

However, it’s worth noting that exceptional circumstances can alter this length of time and of course sometimes these can be quicker or slower than expected.

5) Do I get the ‘deeds’ for the home I’m buying?

These are now kept as digital legal documents at the Land Registry. However, it’s important for any paperwork relating to the purchase of your property that you receive are kept safe for any future sale of your home.

6) Do you only offer conveyancing solicitor services?

No. We offer a range of in-house services from property to conveyancing and legal services such as wills & probate.

It’s worth noting and remembering that If we’re acting as your estate agent in the sale of your home that our conveyancing advice for your sale is free.

Solicitors & Conveyancing at CSB in Nelson

We’ll never mind you asking about expected timescales and are happy to listen to what you need so we can ensure we are giving you the service we know you deserve. For all of your conveyancing and legal needs in relation to your next property move, you can fill out our online form here.

Any matters relating to your property sale or purchase, missing rights, wills and inheritance to include or exclude your property and any other questions, you can contact our personable professionals at Clifford Smith & Buchanan by calling 01282 860 606 or emailing us at: [email protected].