Solicitors & Conveyancing in Burnley

Whether you’re buying a plot of land to build your own house on in Burnley or if you’re buying a house with gifts from family in the area, at Clifford Smith & Buchanan we can help with all of your property, conveyancing and legal needs with our in-house services.

We can offer you online support through our own tracking system which ensures you’re always kept in the loop of each step in the buying and selling process and we can also create appointments with our experienced team members at one of our office branches.

Perfectly positioned within the Pendle Borough, CSB is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Society (SRA) and is authorised by The Property Ombudsman Approved Redress Scheme.

CSB & The Solicitors Regulation Society (SRA)

A regulatory body for solicitors in England and Wales, approving trained and qualified professional solicitors to act as responsible legal advisors following ethical guidelines and a specific set of rules.

We offer our services in line with the standard of practice the SRA states but we also offer caring guidance to all of our clients and continue to do so because we value each individual that chooses to work with us and want to promote the best outcomes that are right for every person that we work on behalf of.

Our customer service and packages offered are tailored to each case and client with all costs discussed upfront along with expectations explained and all questions answered.

We Are Part of The Property Ombudsman Approved Redress Scheme

It’s important to us at CSB as an independent agent to always ensure we are transparent, honest and accountable as a business and that we continue to always act with our client’s best interests in mind, which is why we are a part of The Property Ombudsman Approved Redress Scheme.

Commonly Asked Conveyancing Questions

1) How long does conveyancing usually take when I’m buying a house?

Sitting on average around 8-16 weeks dependent on varying factors such as the length of the property buying and selling chain. This can of course be faster or slower dependent on each client, searches and title details.

2) When should I instruct a solicitor?

It’s always best to seek your conveyancing and legal quote and guidance prior to instruction to ensure a smooth process and so you can make an informed decision when choosing us to act on your behalf. Our quotes are free and carry no obligation.

3) Should I always carry out a survey?

It is always sensible and advisory to carry out a survey on a property that you intend to buy to ensure there are no hidden problems that you haven’t already been made aware of.

4) When does a property I’m buying become mine?

The property becomes yours when all monies and transactions between each party concerned reach the stage of completion.

5) What is the difference between exchange and completion?

At the point when you reach exchange, deposits are handed over to your solicitor and this stage dictates by law that both the buyer and the seller are committed to the property transaction.

The date of completion is an agreed date and written into the contract upon exchange. This is the stage when all final monies are transferred and when property keys can be collected. Your new home becomes yours and you can move in.

Conveyancing & Solicitors at Clifford Smith & Buchanan in Burnley

At CSB you’re in safe and experienced hands for all of your property, conveyancing and legal needs. If you’re seeking conveyancing advice and services you can fill out our online form by clicking here.

For all other enquiries you can speak to one of our team members by calling 01282 860 606 or emailing: [email protected].