Reviewing your Will periodically and taking steps to protect your digital assets are important for several reasons:

Clients, are unaware of the their digital assets, let alone the need to make sure you have a Digital Asset clause in their Wills. It is important to regularly review your will and taking measures to safeguard your digital assets are of paramount importance for several compelling reasons:

Changing circumstances:

Life is dynamic, and your personal circumstances and preferences can evolve over time. Periodically revisiting your will allows you to make necessary updates, ensuring that it accurately reflects your current desires. This includes modifying or adding provisions related to your digital assets, which may have transformed since your last revision.

Dynamic Digital Landscape:

The digital realm is in a constant state of flux, with new platforms, technologies, and assets continuously emerging. By reviewing your will, you can identify any novel digital assets that should be incorporated and confirm that existing assets receive adequate protection. This proactive approach minimises the risk of inadvertently overlooking valuable or sentimental digital assets.

Staying Informed About Legal Requirements:

Laws concerning digital assets and estate planning are still evolving in many jurisdictions. A periodic review of your will enables you to stay informed about any legal changes that may impact the management and distribution of your digital assets. This awareness empowers you to update your will in accordance with the most recent legal requirements.

Ensuring Access to Digital Assets:

Unlike physical assets, digital assets often necessitate access credentials such as usernames, passwords, or encryption keys. Without proper documentation, your loved ones may encounter challenges in accessing and managing your digital assets after your passing. By revisiting your will, you can provide clear instructions on how to access and handle your digital assets, thereby mitigating potential complications.

Safeguarding Privacy and Security:

Digital assets frequently contain sensitive information. A periodic review of your will enables you to address privacy concerns linked to your digital assets. For instance, you can specify whether certain accounts should be closed, deleted, or passed on to a trusted individual. Taking measures to protect your digital assets contributes to the safeguarding of your personal information and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or misuse.


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